Roger’s Nissan Altima – TL-R Bixenon Projector Conversion + Black Out + Halos

On Roger’s Nissan Altima we upgraded the original halogen projectors to the TL-R Bixenon Projector System. The housings were blacked out and Diode Dynamics HD LED Halos were installed on the front of the bezels. Osram CBI D2S Bulbs and Hylux ballasts power this newly set of retrofitted lights. Please let us know if you have any questions.

 photo DSC_8268.jpg

 photo DSC_8318.jpg

 photo DSC_8319.jpg

 photo DSC_8320.jpg

 photo DSC_8321.jpg

 photo DSC_8322.jpg

 photo DSC_8323.jpg

 photo DSC_8327.jpg

 photo DSC_8328.jpg

 photo DSC_8330.jpg

 photo DSC_8332.jpg