Subaru Legacy – Diode Dynamics C-Light LED Upgrade + Quad Projector Conversion

This Subaru Legacy was converted with the Morimoto D2S 4.0 & H1 7.0 Bixenon Projectors. Full black out along with Diode Dynamics C-light upgrade was completed. Check out the video and photos below! Contact us with any questions. We can help you get setup with the parts and/or service! Thank you!

 photo DSC_6224.jpg

 photo DSC_6226.jpg

 photo DSC_6227.jpg

 photo DSC_6229.jpg

 photo DSC_6230.jpg

 photo DSC_6233.jpg

 photo DSC_6236.jpg

 photo DSC_6238.jpg

 photo DSC_6239.jpg

 photo DSC_6242.jpg

 photo DSC_6243.jpg

 photo DSC_6244.jpg

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Range Rover – Custom Painted Housings

The housings on this Range Rover were painted Gloss Black and the shrouds a custom color which was sent to us. The Amber side reflector was also painted over. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

 photo DSC_6213.jpg

 photo DSC_6214.jpg

 photo DSC_6215.jpg

 photo DSC_6216.jpg

 photo DSC_6219.jpg

 photo DSC_6220.jpg

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Ford Mustang – Sequential RGBWA Diode Dynamics LED Boards + Halos + Demon Eyes!

This Ford Mustang got the full treatment!

Diode Dynamics RGBWA Sequential LED Board Installation
Diode Dynamics RGBW Halos
RGBW Halos w/ Diffusers
Full Black out

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

 photo DSC_6131.jpg

 photo DSC_6132.jpg

 photo DSC_6134.jpg

 photo DSC_6137.jpg

 photo DSC_6138.jpg

 photo DSC_6142.jpg

 photo DSC_6147.jpg

 photo DSC_6149.jpg

 photo DSC_6151.jpg

 photo DSC_6152.jpg

 photo DSC_6153.jpg

 photo DSC_6154.jpg

 photo DSC_6155.jpg

 photo DSC_6156.jpg

 photo DSC_6157.jpg

 photo DSC_6158.jpg

 photo DSC_6159.jpg

 photo DSC_6160.jpg

 photo DSC_6161.jpg

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Ford Fiesta – Euro Headlights – TL-R Conversion + Custom Paint

These european Ford Fiesta headlights were upgraded with Morimoto TL-R Bixenon projectors, black housings, and red passive demon eyes. Please let us know if you have any questions!

 photo DSC_6062.jpg

 photo DSC_6063.jpg

 photo DSC_6064.jpg

 photo DSC_6065.jpg

 photo DSC_6066.jpg

 photo DSC_6068.jpg

 photo DSC_6069.jpg

 photo DSC_6071.jpg

 photo DSC_6072.jpg

 photo DSC_6074.jpg

 photo DSC_6076.jpg

 photo DSC_6077.jpg

 photo DSC_6078.jpg

 photo DSC_6080.jpg

 photo DSC_6081.jpg

 photo DSC_6082.jpg

 photo DSC_6085.jpg

 photo DSC_6087.jpg

 photo DSC_6088.jpg

 photo DSC_6094.jpg

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Corvette – Diode Dynamics HD LED Switchback Halos + Gloss Black Housings

On this Corvette we painted the housings gloss black and did the dual Diode Dynamics HD LED Switchback Halos. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

 photo DSC_6046.jpg

 photo DSC_6047.jpg

 photo DSC_6048.jpg

 photo DSC_6049.jpg

 photo DSC_6050.jpg

 photo DSC_6051.jpg

 photo DSC_6052.jpg

 photo DSC_6054.jpg

 photo DSC_6053.jpg

 photo DSC_6056.jpg

 photo DSC_6055.jpg

 photo DSC_6058.jpg

 photo DSC_6060.jpg

 photo DSC_6061.jpg

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Philips + Osram + Morimoto Shootout – D2S Bulb Intensity and Color Comparison

Morimoto XB 4500K vs. Philips D2S 85122
 photo DSC_6035.jpg

Morimoto XB 4500K vs. Osram 66240
 photo DSC_6036.jpg

Philips D2S 85122 vs. Osram 66240
 photo DSC_6037.jpg

Morimoto XB 5500K vs. Philips X-tremeVision
 photo DSC_6039.jpg

Morimoto XB 5500K vs. Osram CBI
 photo DSC_6040.jpg

Philips X-tremeVision vs. Osram CBI
 photo DSC_6041.jpg

Morimoto XB 6500K vs. Osram CBH
 photo DSC_6042.jpg

Morimoto XB 6500K vs. Philips Ultinon
 photo DSC_6043.jpg

Osram CBH vs. Philips Ultinon
 photo DSC_6044.jpg

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Taste the Rainbow – Mitsubishi EVO – Diode Demon Eyes + Morimoto XSB Halos + Black Out

Diode Dynamics Demon Eyes
Morimoto 90mm XSB 3.0 Halos
Full Semi Flat Black Out

 photo DSC_5931.jpg

 photo DSC_5932.jpg

 photo DSC_5934.jpg

 photo DSC_5937.jpg

 photo DSC_5939.jpg

 photo DSC_5941.jpg

 photo DSC_5944.jpg

 photo DSC_5949.jpg

 photo DSC_5950.jpg

 photo DSC_5951.jpg

 photo DSC_5952.jpg

 photo DSC_5953.jpg

 photo DSC_5954.jpg

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2005 Subaru STi – Jet Black Paint + Morimoto TL-R Bixenon Projectors

This 2005 Subaru STi received a Jet Black paint job, Apollo 1.0 shrouds, and Morimoto TL-R bixenon projectors. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

 photo DSC_5872.jpg

 photo DSC_5874.jpg

 photo DSC_5878.jpg

 photo DSC_5879.jpg

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Subaru Legacy – Quad Projector Conversion + Diode Dynamics C-Light

Not only did we build an amazing quad projector setup on this new Subaru Legacy, the Diode Dynamics C-light literally just got released! We added that in last second and you can see how well everything flows together. Everything was painted semi flat black as requested. We have the Legacy d2s 4.0 brackets on the site now. High beam was super tight but we got it done as usual! If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you!

 photo DSC_5836.jpg

 photo DSC_5838.jpg

 photo DSC_5842.jpg

 photo DSC_5841.jpg

 photo DSC_5849.jpg

 photo DSC_5850.jpg

 photo DSC_5853.jpg

 photo DSC_5854.jpg

 photo DSC_5857.jpg

 photo DSC_5860.jpg

 photo DSC_5861.jpg

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2015 Subaru WRX – Quad Projector + Halos + Demon Eyes + Custom Painted Headlights

2015+ Subaru WRX:

Satin White Pearl Trim Ring + Mini GG Shrouds
Tuxedo Black Housings
80mm Dual XSB Morimoto Halos + C-Light
Diode Dynamics Demon Eyes w/ XK Glow Controller
D2S 4.0 + H1 7.0 Projector Conversions

 photo DSC_5779.jpg

 photo DSC_5782.jpg

 photo DSC_5785.jpg

 photo DSC_5786.jpg

 photo DSC_5788.jpg

 photo DSC_5796.jpg

 photo DSC_5800.jpg

 photo DSC_5801.jpg

 photo DSC_5806_1.jpg

 photo DSC_5811.jpg

 photo DSC_5813.jpg

 photo DSC_5816.jpg

 photo DSC_5817.jpg

 photo DSC_5820.jpg

 photo DSC_5822.jpg

 photo DSC_5823.jpg

 photo DSC_5884.jpg

 photo DSC_5885.jpg

 photo DSC_5886.jpg

 photo DSC_5890.jpg

 photo DSC_5892.jpg

 photo DSC_5896.jpg

 photo DSC_5899.jpg

 photo DSC_5903.jpg

 photo DSC_5909.jpg

 photo DSC_5911.jpg

 photo DSC_5915.jpg

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